Sindy Würfel


Sindy was born 1982 in Germany. Always interested in the culture of other countries she decided, after her Matric, to do her studies at a German tour operator. For 6 years the world was her home. She travelled Europe, New Zealand, Australia & Southern Africa, realising at the end that this is where her heart is. Since 2006 she is calling Cape Town her home…

Featured Destinations


If you crave the thrill of a luxurious adventure safari there is nowhere that compares to the wild plains of Botswana.

The Linyanti region, where you can watch as hundreds of buffalo run through the open fields is not to be missed. There’s the white shimmering salt pans…

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A country that brings us back to our roots, Namibia has a huge diversity of culture and tradition, with people whose ancestors were some of the earliest humans to walk the earth.
Here you will embark on a journey like no other.

Namibia is the only country…

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Zimbabwe is full of unique and unexplored wonders. A walk outside will lead you to picturesque places where few others have been, while a paddle down the Zambezi River will leave you in the real depths of the wild.

“Smoke that thunders”, that’s what the locals call it….

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