Respect for human rights and the sustainability of the planet are inherent in Kimba-Africa’s value system.

We people of all races, creeds and abilities, and subscribe to The Code, an initiative that provides awareness, tools and support to the tourism industry to prevent the sexual exploitation of children.

Similarly, we treat, with honour and respect

  • the indigenous communities that form part of our tours
  • the guests we host
  • our co-workers and service providers

The environment and sustainability

Kimba-Africa is committed to the sustainability of the planet.  This includes identifying and, as is far as practically possible, utilising the services of providers that share these values.

Consistent with this, Kimba-Africa is taking the necessary steps to become an accredited Travelife partner and actively identifies and supports service providers that are endorsed as Fair Trade.

Kimba-Africa therefore encourages tourists to

  • understand the value of carbon to the planet and to measure their carbon footprint here
  • to offset carbon and Green House Gas emissions associated with travel by buying Carbon Credits from the Wonderbag Project which is registered by the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) *

As a business, Kimba-Africa takes steps appropriate for:

  • energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions
  • the conservation and efficient use of water and waste (liquid and solid)
  • building and maintaining positive relationships with the communities in which it operates
  • ensuring that the welfare of animals that form part of experiences that are included tour itineraries is of the standard appropriate for animals in the wild and/or recognised conservancies

* details are provided in direct communication with clients and included in their invoices