Zambia’s has only recently been recognised as a luxury tourist destination. With thrill seeking attractions whether you’re on the ground, in the water or bungee jumping off the Victoria Falls bridge.

It hasn’t yet reached the point where it’s flooding with tourists. Visiting this divine country means an unforgettable experience – but not an overcrowded one. Instead the open and thriving habitat will envelop you, and the array of activities and comfortable accommodations make for a lifting experience.
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An obvious must see is the Victoria Falls, shared with Zambia’s southern neighbour, Zimbabwe. Unlike Zimbabwe however, the accommodations are generally more secluded and personal, without putting a damper on the service or quality.

Though if you were to explore the country’s regions more deeply, you would discover plenty more exquisite waterfalls and rapids running along the rivers that divide the lands. The country is unique and unspoilt, with more natural resources than any other in Southern Africa.

Though the country is known for its rural landscape, its central cities create a bustling urban hub with casino resorts and businesses growing along with Zambia’s economy. It is a melting pot of diversity with a total of 72 ethnic groups, most of which are Bantu speaking.

The government has taken an official stance against poaching, and the natural parks are abundant with life, boasting all of the Big 5 throughout the country. Gear up for an amazing journey.