South Africa

South Africa is a country of contrasts. The high energy bustle and lights of Cape Town’s city centre is forever watched over by Table Mountain. One of the seven Natural Wonders of the World, it is a sight to behold. Even though it lies so far south, it can be seen as the heart of the country.

Stellenbosch and Franschhoek on the other hand can be thought of as full bodied, just like their internationally sought after wines. The tranquility in these areas is unmatchable. Plump grapevines and plum trees stretch out towards the horizon. 5-star accommodations and wine estates such as ‘La Residence’, acres of vineyards and open roaming space, world class spas and gourmet restaurants abound. And we have barely left Cape Town.
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Further north up the gorgeous countryside lies ‘Sun City’. With outdoor safari adventures and water sports, indoor shopping, spas and restaurants, it is a jam packed miniature version of the entire country.

The gauteng province is home to the city of Johannesburg. This city has an extremely rich history, and with the nickname ‘City of Gold’, it’s not hard to see why. The world’s deepest gold mine lies just outside the city, currently at just over 3.9 kilometers into the earth. This area has made South Africa one of the leaders in gold mining.

Spanning the border between South Africa and Mozambique, lies the Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves. This is the home of the Big Five, and hundreds of other species of wildlife and birds. Private game reserves in the park such as Sabi Sands offer the best tours to viewing these majestic animals up close.

South Africa might be at the very bottom of the continent, but it is certainly a central attraction.