The two items to pack before a trip to Mozambique would be sunscreen and a swimming costume. The country has the most picturesque, sandy beaches, covered in palm trees and filled with crystal clear, warm waters. Scuba diving, fishing and snorkeling are daily activities at any of the beachside accommodations.

The country also has many hidden gems further inland. The inner regions have spectacular wildlife tours and safaris, and, being so close to Kruger National Park, it’s easy to jump from spotting the Big 5 to lying on a glittering beachfront. Right on the border lies Lake Malawi: a crystal clear body of water dotted with house boats and sailing yachts. No matter the depth you are at, you can see the colourful reefs and sea life covering the bottom of the lake.
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Take a boat off of Mozambique’s coast and travel to the local islands. Benguerra Island broke off from the mainland thousands of years ago. This beachfront destination is a luxury resort right in the middle of the indian ocean, with sunsets that seem to make time stand still.

Obtaining a travel visa is a simple process, with minor fees for international visitors and no visa requirements for most African citizens. The best time to visit would be from May through to October when the weather is warm and dry, but there is never a bad time to find yourself in Mozambique.